Monday, 5 November 2012

My beauty favorites for October

October came gently and quietly. In Croatia, it gave us so many happy days filled with sunshine. THANK you for that, October... I will miss you but I am planning to hang around with you next year. Until then, GOODBYE.

This is my first favorites post. I've included products that are my every day must haves and some newly discovered treasures (at least for me). I hope you will enjoy them and here they are:

Or, when all masks are down.......

Since it is a bit crowded there, let's start with the first one.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer. I am sure you already know this but just in case that someone new with makeup is reading this, I'll explain. This product is applied before your shadows and rest of your eye makeup. It is supposed to increase longevity and vibrance of the shadows. It also prevents any creasing. It really works! I have it for two years and use it almost every day (when I wear makeup, it is a part of my routine). It comes in a small 11g/0.35 Oz. tube but it will last you a looong time without going bad. My tube is a living proof.
It deserves its own post so that is all I'll say about it, for now.

Next favorite is again a Too Faced product. It is hidden in this cute little case of Pixie Perfect pallete and a part of my every day routine.

There are four shadows in the palette.

.............and the shade I am talking about is Too Faced, Velvet Revolver.

Too Faced, Velvet Revolver with flash
Too Faced, Velvet Revolver without flash
It is not completely used up because I have several in different palettes but I have been using the one from this palette for some time, now. I apply it with an angled eyeliner brush. I love the result I get that way. I am blonde and this shade works beautifully for me.
In Croatia, we can't get Too Faced anymore, since Sephora closed. The only way is to order them online.

Next is mascara. I first used it about a year ago and loved it. This is my second or third tube.

Essence, I Love Extreme mascara in the shade 01 (black). I find it in drugstores (DM, Kozmo, Muler...). It costs 30 kunas (about $5, 3 GBP, 4 Euros) and I love it! It gives my lashes craaazy volume, it looks like I am wearing false lashes. It is not for you if you like subtle lashes (more for a wa wa wooom effect....). I got tons of compliments wearing this one. But online, some of the girls hated it because it made their lashes fall out more than usual (so they claim). I haven't experienced that!
They have old school brush (no rubber brush here) which in the picture looks strange but that is because mine is dead. I would repurchase it  (I did).

L'Oreal Contour Resist Waterproof Long wear Retractable Eyeliner in the shade 204 brun moka/chestnut.. Great eyeliner in my opinion! I use it almost every day which is evident from the picture since this is all that is left!

yes, unfortunately, that is all that is left
I use it to tightline. It is perfect to make your eyelashes look fuller and since it is brown, you can wear it with every look (just with mascara or smoky eyes).

It has a sharpener on the other end which I never used. The reason for that is that I never needed it for defined lines, and for tightlining a soft tip is much wiser than spiky one. It is soft and it really is waterproof. Yes, its intensity isn't equally vibrant after 10 or 12 hours of wear but it is still there doing its thing.

I am not sure where you can buy it or how much it costs because I got it from a girl on a forum for 20 kunas (2 GBP, 3 Euros, $3.50).

And now some new finds for me....

Wet n Wild, Greed Gourmandise palette I already told you about (review here). Inspite of the grey-purple shade which is nice but not crazy pigmented, I love this palette. I have been reaching for it constantly this month, and when that says someone with my number of choices, that means something. I am not saying you have to buy it, especially if you're not so crazy about the colours in it, but for me, this is a definite favorite!

The top matte cream shade is a favorite on its own. Love it! So soft and pigmented... This is a perfect shade for highlighting under your brows or for the inner corner of your eye. I recommend something like this for more mature skin because it won't emphasise signs of aging. I will do a review on Wet n Wild Brulee and compare these two. Don't buy this palette just for this colour, yet.

We can't buy Wet n Wild in stores in Croatia. We have to order it online (eBay or nonpareilboutique for instance).

And last but not least is a blush brush from Eco Tools.

It came in a 6 piece set. I haven't seen it sold separately (only powder brush which is cut differently). It costed 115 kunas (the set), which is about 11.50 GBP/$17/15.50 Euros. I bought it in Kozmo. It is cruelty free but soft like no other!!! What makes it even more perfect is the shape of it. It is cut so amazingly that I think that even someone with 0 knowledge about makeup (who knows only that blush is supposed to go on cheeks) couldn't do that incorrectly. It is like it was made especially for my face. I like it even more than my YSL blush brush.

That is it.

Do you have any favorites? A blog where I can see them?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

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