Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Small ASOS haul (stila- the it girl palette; Asos flower & jewel drop earrings)

So, you already know what I bought but I am so thrilled with everything that I just couldn't keep my mouth closed. Sort of... I couldn't stop my fingers from writing. Yes, that sounds better.
And here they are....

Stila palette will get its own post. Now, I'll introduce you to my fabulous earrings (at least I think they are).
Both of my purchases were nicely packed with foam and those bubbles that, I assume, we all like to pop.

In this post you will get to know a really small part of fashionista in me. I have been eyeing these earrings forever. They were on their site since spring. And then summer came and I was still "just looking". They are costume earrings and they were 15 GBP (shipping included). I just couldn't make myself to pay that much for them. Then, Olympics came and they were reduced to 5 GBP plus 15% off for the Olympic games and I got them for just a little bit more than 4 GBP. For me, that was awesome!!!

This top part looked rubbery but it is some kind of metal. The bottom part is filled with "stones" that are shining just right. Ugh... I love them!

Yes I know, they have a spring/summery feel, but I plan to enjoy many more springs and summers, and I am planning a tropical vacation this fall/winter, for which they will be perfect!!!

If you want to see more professional pictures of them and how they look on, I am putting the link (they are 15 GBP again, I advice you to wait for another sale). There are two other colours here and here (these are next on my list). They are quite big.

the back

What do you say? Do you like them? Have you bought something new?

Tell me....

Love, beautyandbrains007

I am not affiliated with Asos in any way, just like to shop there!

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